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      Days left
      Exhibition introduction
      China Pet Expo has developed it into the largest pet show in China during the past 6 year, especially in cat& dog supplies. China Pet Expo is the best opportunity for thousands of pet industry professionals from all over the world to come together to learn the latest pet food trends, network with experts, discover new tools for success and conduct business.
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      • 1 麦仕 4 美国麦德氏 6 小佩
      • 7 佩蒂股份 8  多格漫 9 ROYAL CANIN
      • 比瑞吉 zhongshan anbei
      • reddog 雷米高 MACSUMSUK
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      China Pet Expo 2020

      Add:Rm 1118, B1 Tower, Xinlong Building, XiSanqi, Haidian District, Beijing, 100096 China




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